I am not gonna bore you guys to death by starting my “about Me’ page telling you guys how unsuccessful I was back then, how poor I used to be LOL! Infact, you know what? I am gonna start by telling you which type of internet businesses that I am doing (as there are probably hundreds and hundreds of ‘IM’ niche) and how I started! I am not gonna BRAG about anything, just honest, and true stuff about me!


Well, performing magic has always been a hobby of mine (even now!) When I was young I’ve always dream of travelling around the world by performing magic for my living. I enjoy performing, talking and singing… In short, I love to perform!


Danny Cole and I ! Back in year 2009.

(When I was competing in an event “International Magic Extravaganza 2009)


Me performing my award-winning act for “Miss Sarawak Model 2010.”

Soon I realized my dream of “performing for living,” is not realistic… Because in order to do that, you need to be one hell of a good magician! Else, I highly doubt that you can go anywhere near it. Now, I no longer perform magic for commercial purposes… I perform it as hobby hehe…

One day I stumble upon WarriorForum (the world’s largest ‘IM’ forums), I began to “lurk” in the forums and started to read basically everything that I can find. And you may have guessed it, I used to have this “Shiny Object Syndrome(SOS)” where I would just go to the WSO (warrior special offers) section and purchase a LOT of $5 ‘IM’ course (the one where they promise you an income of $100 everyday consistently.) And yes you are correct! They are mostly crap, I mean come to think of it… Who would have sold their $100/day course for a mere $5? LOL, how naive!

I was mad at myself for being a “cash cow” to these “WSO seller,” I started to search around the forums, Google etc… Something caught my attention, most big dog say “The Money Is In The List” (go Google this phrase if you want!) But what is the meaning of that phrase i thought to myself… I don’t wanna spoil the fun or spoonfeed you (my dear readers) go do your own research on thatAnd hit me up on Skype (kennysmagic) and tell me WHAT is “The Money Is In The List.”



Taiwan : )


So I began to build my list, little did I know it is actually quite profitable! I am able to make $2000+ per month with 20 minutes of work everyday LOL how cool is that? Of course I mean you will have to go through the process of creating a high converted squeeze page, setting follow-up sequence in the autoresponder system yada yada yada……… But you know what? It is all worth it!!!

My beautiful wife and me, myself in Korea! ;  )

Year 2014, I was able to reach my “dream income” approx 9,000$ (IM) per month that I NEVER thought possible! Mindblowing, I know! With my IM icome (9,000/mo), Forex income (17,000/mo) and my savings, I decided to dive into the “fitness” industry by operating a gym business with the help of my dear uncle Michael.



My gym! Muscle Lab! wohoooo…

Alright, I know this blog is not about my gym, my forex venture….. is all about Internet Marketing teeheeee…. Year 2015, I am sitting on US$12,000-17,000 per month with Internet marketing!

Below is my account’s screenshot from one of the many ads network that I join
I am on $800-$1500 per day 🙂 (Year 2016 December)

It is time for me to reach the NEXT LEVEL by going straight into $50,000 per month income!


Short trip with a good friend of mine, the Big Ben!

KKKota Kinabalu, Sabah

Me and my family getting ready to fly to somewhere 😛

Alright guys, I hope my “ABOUT ME” page can inspire YOU that, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Do whatever it takes to be successful! I am not successful YET but I am certain that I will be in 5 years time.


To Your Success,
Kenny Wong